Eight Board


Five games on an 8×8 board, playable against a friend or computer AI

Checkers, English draughts, Russian shashki, Halma (Chinese checkers),
Othello, Reversi, Wolf and Sheep (Fox and Hounds), all these games
are integrated in one easy-to-use package.

Play against a computer AI opponent, with eight levels of difficulty. Or play against one of your friends! (Random match making not available.)


Privacy Policy

When playing against a friend, this game calculates a 5-digit number from your phone ID and combines it with a similar 5-digit number from your friend to identify the game in progress.

Your real phone ID is never saved, transmitted or tracked; the 5-digit number is not used to track or identify you personally; and none of your personal information is collected by us nor transmitted to any third party.